Boris Godunov

By M.Mussorgsky (1869 version)

San Francisco Opera, USA

Conductor: Vassily Sinaisky

Sets: Goran Wassberg

Costumes: Kari Gravklev

Movement: Duane Schuler

Cast: S. Ramey, V. Ognovenko, V. Kovaliow, J. Uhlenhopp, A. Bidlack, C. Cook, J.Gorlin

"The performance thrives on a spirit of unadorned ferocity. It is not always easy going. Even under the best of circumstances, "Boris" is a challenge to follow just on a narrative level - the printed synopsis is a necessary lifeline - and the use of Mussorgsky's first approach to the subject tends to further hone its sharp edges. But the rewards are great…” (San Francisco Chronicle)

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Photos: Terrence McCarthy