Eugene Onegin

by P. Tchaikovsky

Virginia Opera, USA

Conductor: P. Mark

Sets: A. Lisyansky

Costumes: J. Lehmeyer

Lighting: M. McCullough

Choreography: J. Page

Cast: J.Detwiler, V.Mitina, P.Miller, O.Sitnitska, T.Robinson, B.Dever, S.Shafer

"Director Julia Pevzner, in her company debut, rightly saw this as a human drama, and focused clearly on creating believable, well-differentiated characters" (Paul Sayegh, The Virginian-Pilot)

"Stage Director Julia Pevzner, Set Designer Alexander Lisiyansky and a stellar cast have stream lined this romantic opera into a tragic valentine that moves with the speed of Cupid's arrow… Because of the brilliant creative minds of Julia Pevzner and Alexander Lisiyansky one is always involved in the story with emotional force and interest". ( Edgar Loessin at Large Radio Station)

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